Our Pricing


Affordable Pricing

We have 3 exciting pricing plans to choose from. We customise our pricing just like our products; we do this so that you can get the best pricing option that suits you. We have broadly divided our pricing plans into 3 categories described below; Novella, Novel and Epic. Each uniquely thought through keeping the customer in the fore front. Once you get in touch with us and we discuss the requirements, you will see that this fits in your budget while taking care of all your needs. We at Creysto look forward to engaging with you and proving a solution and giving you a cost effective pricing.<br>
Please do reach out to us to discuss more.


  • Upto 1,00,000 records
  • Multi user interface
  • Customisable fields
  • Manual Queue management
  • Manual Allocation
  • Lead Scoring & Qualification
  • Manual Call backs
  • Interaction tracking
  • Error log and De duplication
  • Security & interaction logs
  • Dashboard view
  • 5 customised reports
  • Cloud Telephony integration
  • API integration
  • Email integration
  • SMS integration


  • All the features of NOVELLA +
  • Upto 5,00,000 record
  • Mobile view
  • 5 automations
  • 5 Customisable allocation logic
  • Role based acces
  • Create multiple campaigns
  • Document upload and sharing
  • 10 customised reports
  • Templatised email & SMS responses
  • Integrated Cloud Telephony solution


  • All the features of NOVEL +
  • Unlimited record transactions
  • 10 automations
  • 20 customised reports
  • Automated report sharin
  • 10 Customisable allocation logic
  • Telephony/email/SMS integration
  • Create your report and dashboard feature