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How can CREYSTO Collections CRM benefit your organization?

  • Creysto integrates with your loan management system (LMS) to retrieve data.

  • Creysto integrates with your loan management system (LMS) to retrieve data.

  • A platform that is integrated with telephony to facilitate easier calls.

  • A system that can talk to their payment database whenever a customer makes a payment.

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CREYSTO Features: Automate Your Business

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1. Marketing Automation

Increase your visibility by reaching out to a large cross-section of customers to market your product by automating SMS, WhatsApp, Emails, and Robocalling


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2. Communication Suite

Reach out to Customers with our ALL-IN-ONE Communication Window which houses WhatsApp, SMS, Calling, and Email



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3. Digi Collections

Nudge and remind your customers to pay their dues on time with our automated and customisable communication engine. Unleash the power of digital campaigns through voicebots , Email, SMS and WhatsApp

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4. Rule Engine

Set Call-to-Action triggers based on pre-determined rules to do multiple follow-ups.

It can send multiple reminders at any selected date and time.


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5. Mobile Application

Everything is handy and automated!.

Mobile Application lets you have CRM on the go.

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6. Decision Tree

Create your own Decision Tree process to help capture the most persuasive reason your customer has to pay on time

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7. Automated Legal Recourse

Ensure that your legal notices are despatched electronically to your customers with the help of Email and WhatsApp through our platform.

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8. Granular Reports

Deep dive into various parameters of your process to its granular level and understand the predict its progression

What can Creysto Do? The Workflow of Collections CRM


Distribute borrowers to regions, teams and agents


Categorise borrowers & define collection strategies


Plan the collection agents’ day completely


Automate communication to debtors based on their actions


Ensure your teams are well-connected for smooth operations


Manage end-to-end field collections lifecycle

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  • It supports complex team structures with role-based access making it simpler for teams within and outside the organizations to have defined access.

  • It makes integrations with the customer systems easier to have all the data in one place.

  • Send templated and specific updates to customers via E-mail, SMS, or WhatsApp to customer based on the status

  • Live updates when payments are made

  • Reports and Dashboard to call out various kinds of performance metrics to give you firm control of the situation

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