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Why Should You Use CREYSTO Sales CRM?

Streamline your marketing efforts and boost efficiency with CREYSTO marketing automation, revolutionizing the way you engage, nurture, and convert leads. Market your product by automating SMS, WhatsApp, Emails, and Robocalling. Create campaigns, assign, and track results.

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Ensure that your legal notices are despatched electronically to your customers with the help of Email and WhatsApp through our platform.Enhance your CRM with CREYSTO using automated legal recourse, simplifying and accelerating the resolution of legal matters for your business!

Set Call-to-Action triggers based on pre-determined rules to do multiple follow-ups. It can send multiple reminders at any selected date and time.Empower your CRM with a dynamic rule engine, enabling intelligent decision-making and automated actions based on custom-defined rules and conditions.

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CREYSTO Features: Automate Your Business

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1. Marketing Automation

Increase your visibility by reaching out to a large cross-section of customers to market your product by automating SMS, WhatsApp, Emails, and Robocalling


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2. Communication Suite

Reach out to Customers with our ALL-IN-ONE Communication Window which houses WhatsApp, SMS, Calling, and Email



3. Automate Sales

Get all your customer origination avenues be it digital marketing, Tele Calling , branch-based operations and channel sales on to Creysto’s unified platform to ensure you have zero lead leakage


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4. Digi Collections

Nudge and remind your customers to pay their dues on time with our automated and customisable communication engine. Unleash the power of digital campaigns through voicebots , Email, SMS and WhatsApp

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5. Rule Engine

Set Call-to-Action triggers based on pre-determined rules to do multiple follow-ups.

It can send multiple reminders at any selected date and time.


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6. Mobile Application

Everything is handy and automated!.

Mobile Application lets you have CRM on the go.



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7. Decision Tree

Create your own Decision Tree process to help capture the most persuasive reason your customer has to pay on time


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8. Automated Legal Recourse

Ensure that your legal notices are despatched electronically to your customers with the help of Email and WhatsApp through our platform.



9. Analytics & Dashboard

Get a graphical summary of your important metrics. Dashboards are completely customizable for easy overview

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10. Granular Reports

Deep dive into various parameters of your process to its granular level and understand the predict its progression


What can Creysto Do? The Workflow of Sales CRM


Manage Sales Process & Workflows

With CREYSTO sales CRM, you can:
Easily link up
Boost all of your sales processes
Get an idea of the workflow at one glance.
CREYSTO’s cloud-based design lets you track sales from anywhere.


Sort and rank potential leads

Leads can be sorted and prioritized based on a number of metrics, which improves sales productivity. Some of the criteria include the
Company size, Location, Budget, Timeline


Track & analyse vital sales metrics

Sales performance
Optimize strategies.
CREYSTO CRM provides powerful reporting features that enable users to track their progress over time. Measure performance against goals.


Streamline sales with multiple teams

When it comes to managing your sales force, the Cryesto platform is second to none. To ensure that each team only sees the information relevant to them, you can divide the system into multiple partitions and assign each team a unique set of permissions.


Multiple-channel engagement

Reach out to clients via the most practical means, be that:
Email, Text message, Phone
Record & store customer interactions and histories, allowing for a more thorough familiarity with each client’s individual requirements and preferences.

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Sales CRM FAQs

What is a sales CRM?

Sales CRM software is seen as a saviour to many salespeople and businesses. It is seen as a way to keep track of customer interactions, enable outreach programmes and generally make the sales process more efficient. But unlike other business software, it can be hard to define exactly how a sales CRM system works. In this post, we’ll explore how a typical sales CRM system might work – from the perspective of both the user and the administrator.


When you first sign up for a sales CRM system, you’ll need to input some basic information about your business. This might include your company name, address, contact details and logo. You’ll also need to create user accounts for each member of your team.


Why your business needs a sales CRM/ why is CRM important for sales and getting more leads

What are the uses of sales CRM?

Sales CRM can be used in a number of ways, including:


  1. Tracking customer interactions and sales history
  2. Generating reports on sales activity and performance
  3. Managing customer leads and opportunities
  4. Automating sales processes and workflows
  5. Collaborating with team members on sales tasks 


Creysto sales CRM is a powerful tool that can help businesses track customer interactions, manage leads and opportunities, automate sales processes, and collaborate with team members on sales tasks. By using our Sales CRM system, businesses can boost their sales performance and Nurture leads with ease

How to choose the right sales CRM for your business

There are a lot of different sales CRMs on the market, so how do you know which one is right for your business? Here are some factors considering using the right sales CRM:


  1. The needs of your business. Not all CRMs are created equal – some are better suited for small businesses while others are more ideal for larger enterprises. Make sure to choose a CRM that can accommodate the needs of your business, such as tracking leads, managing customer data, and creating reports.

2. Your budget. CRMs can be expensive, so make sure to pick one that fits within your budget constraints. However, with Creysto you don’t have to sacrifice features or functionality just to save a few bucks. Because it is less expensive than its other friends in the market.

How to shorten your sales cycle with sales CRM?

Sales CRM software can help shorten your sales cycle in a few ways. First, it can help you track your leads more effectively and follow up with them at the right time. Secondly, it can automate many of the tasks involved in the sales process, such as sending out quotes or invoices, which will free up your time to focus on closing deals. Finally, having all of your customer data accessible in one place will make it easier to spot trends and identify potential opportunities.


Creysto Sales CRM software is essential for any business looking to shorten its sales cycle. By automating everyday tasks and tracking leads more effectively, you can spend less time on administrative work and more time actually selling!

Why CREYSTO is the best sales CRM software for your business

There are a lot of CRM tools out there, but Creysto is one of the best. Here are some reasons why you should choose Creysto as your sales CRM tool:


  1. Creysto is easy to use. It’s simple to set up and you can start using it right away.
  2. Creysto is versatile and customisable. It can be used for sales, marketing, and customer service tasks.
  3. Creysto has powerful features that will help you improve your sales process. These features include lead tracking, contact management, task management, reporting, and more.
  4. Creysto is affordable.

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