Difference Between Customer Service And Customer Experience

Excellent Customer Service Is The No. 1 Job In Any Company! It Is The Personage Of The Brand And The Reason Consumers Come Back. Without The Customers, There Is No Company!

-Connie Edler

Customer experience and customer service are the building blocks of a business. Both the terms are different yet dependent and vital for each other. The term experience refers to a series of incidents or occurrences that drop an impact on a person and let one have a perception about something. An experience is evaluated when a person tries something, for instance, a product or service from a company, and has opinions about it. On the other hand, service is the act of assisting or performing a task for someone. It means to aid people, customers, or anyone with their work or serve them to accomplish something or reach the desired point of a task. An experience is the result of the service given to a person. One may have a viewpoint such as positive or negative based on the service provided to him or her. Therefore, it is imperative to know the difference between the two terms (Customer Experience and Customer Service) from the business panorama and acknowledge their significance.

Significance Of Customer Experience

Customer Experience is one of the pillars of a business because it helps to elevate growth. It provides a critical and optimistic analysis of the services or the products given or used by the customer. It acts as a magnet to attract other customers and helps the trusted customers stay loyal to the company. A Survey conducted in 2012 shows the importance of Customer Experience. The survey was the Ex-Im Bank Customer Experience Survey which depicts the following data:

The data in the above chart depicts that out of 500 customers, 88% were satisfied (in this range 5-somewhat satisfied, 6-satisfied, and 7-very satisfied) with the customer service and the remaining were dissatisfied.

This survey aimed to identify:

  • The usage of products and services by the customers,
  • The satisfaction of the customer with services,
  • To get feedback for improvements,
  • To know the overall customer experience and much more.

All these statistics helped the Ex-Im bank to improve their services more than before. The recommendations given by customers helped the bank as well. This survey also recognizes the importance of Customer Experience and Customer Service. This survey helped many companies to bring out improvisation on the whole.

Metrics To Measure Customer Experience

Some systems measure the satisfaction of the clients achieved by an experience with the company, its products, and services. The following are:

  1. Approach customers in a customized manner: CSAT is an acronym for Customer Satisfaction. It is one of the parameters to measure the overall customer satisfaction score. For example: Asking the customer to rate your company’s online shopping service and after that calculating the score gives the final CSAT.
  2. NPS (Net Promoter Score): Net Promoter Score is also a system that is used to measure the satisfaction of the customers but with a different methodology. For example: Asking the customer questions like ‘How likely are they to recommend your products and services to their friends and other people?’ and then calculating the final score based on this rating gives the final NPS.

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Difference Between Customer Experience And Customer Service

Customer Experience is a system.It is a component of this system.
Customer Experience is active.Customer Service is reactive.
Customer Experience is a relationship between a brand and a customer.It is an effort to sustain the relationship between the two.

1.Customer Experience As A System Versus Customer Service As Its Component:

Customer Experience is the journey that starts with the company by using a product or service of the brand or with the very 1st interaction. The journey includes:

  • Knowing about the company,
  • Interacting with executives,
  • Using the products and services,
  • Getting assistance throughout the course and
  • Becoming a faithful customer.

Customer Service is a component of this journey. It can be in the form of:

  • Guiding the customer in the product choice,
  • Assisting them with their usage,
  • Solving queries and doubts and
  • Making relevant efforts to sustain the relationship.

In short, Customer Experience is a complete system; Customer Service is a fundamental unit of this system.

2.Customer Experience Is Active Whereas Customer Service Is Reactive:

Customer Experience includes an action or event that happens when a customer looks for assistance and gets the experience after the service provided to him or her. The initiative to ask for help (is the action) that the customer takes and the executive’s response to that action is Customer Service. For instance, a query raised by a customer is the action. The reaction towards that query is Customer Service. And this service decides the experience of the customer on the whole.

3.Customer Experience Is A Relationship But Customer Service Maintains That Association:

Customer Experience starts with a relationship between a customer and a brand initiated from the very 1st buy or communication till the end (as long as the client is happy). The intensity of the relationship affects the understanding of the client about the company. On the other hand, Customer Service is an ongoing action to maintain the association formed with the customer by serving him/her the best. It is only Customer Service that can change or impact customer thoughts about the brand. It has the potential to enlarge the circle of a brand.

Final Thoughts

“The Perception Of The Customer Is Your Reality.”

– (Kate Zabriskie, Business Training Works)

Despite all the disparities, a chain is seen between the three Customer Service, Customer Experience and perception. Customer Service Customer Experience Perception. These primary factors are accountable for the reputation of a business and its understanding by the client. All the three are reliant on each other. Therefore, to promote better customer insights there is a need to enhance Customer Service and overall Customer Experience.

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Date : 08/07/2021 | Author : Priyanka Nahar

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