The Best And Affordable CRM For Startups

Creysto provides you unlimited opportunities to grow your business through a mere, easy-to-use platform for you and your customers. This software guarantees that every step of the interaction with consumers gets recorded and specific action can be decided based on the interaction. The software gathers customer data from various channels which can seamlessly flow into the CRM without any manual interaction; giving you a one stop solution of gathering customer information. Hence, CRM captures customer’s detailed information which in turn becomes a guide to better interaction.

It is very crucial at the starting stage for anyone to organize their business data. There’s a lot of information which often gets missed when there is a lot of inflow and n structure. With the help of CRM, the organized data can help the organization when they reach out to the customer resulting in an improved interaction. With visual overview of all the data points related to customer interactions makes the sales and marketing more optimized.

According to Forrester, irrespective of the company size it has shown more than 52% growth in lead volume after switching from traditional practice to a CRM service.

Here Is How Creysto CRM Can Add Value To Your Startups Business

Startups rely on various channels for generating leads like websites, social media, cold calls, mail campaigns, referrals, etc… Managing and finding out the channels which give maximum leads is a complicated process.

However, Creysto allows you to track lead statuses across the channels by integrating these sources into the CRM

  • Now Understanding a client’s point of view often becomes difficult due to miscommunication or disconnect but Creysto ensures nothing is lost in transition.
  • workforce that comprises all different aspects of any company is primarily important when you are dealing with any customer. CRM system helps this by fusing Marketing, Sales, Management, Finance, and Customer Service, which are of very importance in this respect.
  • Creysto CRM help you manage to keep track of your progress with the customers no matter what devices you are using like PC, Tab, mobile, etc.
  • It can easily keep your organization up to date on sales and revenue aspects with timely reports without any dependency or labourios collation and calculations
  • Since all these processes are completely automated, you can be very sure that you will never miss out on an important benchmark once you use a Creysto CRM.

In Nutshell, A Startup Needs A CRM For:

  • Managing the client information
  • Rapidly sort out and break down information.
  • Distinguish the optimal client base.
  • To meet and examine potential zones of development.
  • To bring forth everything from prospects, dashboards, deals requests under one roof.

Like any startup, your main focus is to find the right prospect for your product/services and then maintain consistent business for the long term. This eventually leads to value creation. Collect data -> Organize data -> Generate reports -> Reduce cost -> increase productivity and efficiency.

Try Creysto today.

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Date : 06/03/2021 | Author : Veeksha Jain

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