What’s In A Name

What’s in a name? a famous line penned by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. It has, however, been used by many in many contexts, situations and different means to drive a point. The context in which it was written was very different. This is not a debate and which side does this article leans on, it is about our name CREYSTO.

I get asked, not as many times as I would have liked in the initial days, as to what does it mean?

Creysto, literally translates to ‘create your story’. It sounded well entrenched into what anyone would want to build, aspires to do and would always be glad if it was acknowledged by the customer. Having always been in the services industry, my co-founders and I always have been exposed to customer engagement/service and delight. It fit right into our philosophy; our product should help the customer create her/his story.

We have no rules when it comes to our customer, we keep ideating, keep working with our customer to keep tweaking the product to give maximum benefit to the customer. The best ideas always come from the customers who use our product day in and day out. Keeping the customer & their business central in all our development, we customize every single solution. The fierce tenacity with which the team goes about provide the solution to our customer has caused customer delight on more than one occasion. One of my old clients from Citibank NA (US) had told me, ‘Not all conversations about providing a solution will start great, you have the power however, to end those conversations (through your thoughts/actions/implementation) in a great manner’. It still rings a bell.

The focus on product is paramount, having said that, being available for our customer at all times has also been one of our core strengths. Whenever an idea pops up in our customer’s head related to how a change (however small) can make an impact (irrespective of the time of day or night) they have the freedom to pick up the phone and dial our team.

‘What’s in a name?’ you ask; for us, it is our guiding principle. A privilege of being an important cog in someone else’s story. Lest we never forget what we stand for, what we need to do and most importantly why do we do what we do… i.e., Create your story with us.

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Date : 16/3/2021 | Author : Ashwin Harithsa

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